Previous Years Question Papers

Check out all the govt exams previous years question papers.

Previous years question papers
Previous years question papers
In this page,you will find various previous question papers

In this article of sarkarijobharat ,you will find previous years question papers of all the government examinations including state wise various government examinations.

Here,is the list of all the government examinations,you can click on the name of the examination.

In order to view the previous years question paper of that particular examination and can either view or download the question papers of any year.

You can also View and Download the question papers.

It is recommended that candidates must solve the previous year question papers as it may help them in multiple ways. Given below are a few factors as to how solving question papers may prove to be helpful to the candidates:

  1. It will help a candidate analyse the standard of examination. What is the difficulty level of the exam can be understood if the candidates go through the questions asked in the previous year papers.
  2. Time management can be improved by solving question papers regularly. A candidate shall be able to understand which section takes the maximum time and which one the least.
  3. Another benefit of solving previous year question papers is that it will let you apprehend your strengths and weaknesses in the exam. You will get to know which topic needs more preparation than the other.
  4. Since there is negative marking in the exam, solving question papers at the same pace as in the final examination will let a candidate understand which questions he can skip and which not.
  5. The most important factor that proves that solving question papers is beneficial is the fact that a candidate shall be able to revise the entire syllabus and practice it, the last few days before the exam.

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